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Press Release - New Author signed September 30, 2004


Tim Hendricks

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Author of "The Mentor", A Tribute to Ralph Autry. The true story of an hourly factory employee who became financially independent".

        Tim Hendricks considers himself very lucky to have grown up in great family. His parents have been married for over forty-eight years. His father is a gospel preacher, his mother focused on fulfilling her duties as a wife while raising four children. His mother taught him to admire his father for his integrity, his character, and his love of the Lord. His father taught him to admire Jesus, through his preaching from the pulpit, his teaching in the home, and by the example of how he lived his life.

        Tim grew up in Tennessee, Texas, and other southern states, where he spent his early years hunting, fishing, hiking, and exploring in the surrounding countryside. After two frustrating years in college, because he didn't know what he wanted to do with his life, he entered the workforce as an employee of a steel mill. Within ten years he had worked at over thirty different jobs including welder, carpenter, crane operator, backhoe operator, concrete laborer, radio station manager, fast food store assistant manager, cash register salesman, forklift driver, dump truck driver, and factory worker. During that same period of time he had also tried twelve different home based business ideas and had looked at hundreds more.

        By his early thirties success in any form had managed to totally elude him. He was in a state that he called "survival mode". Just trying to make enough money to put a rented roof over his head, food on the table, and make a payment on a twelve year old vehicle.

        Within three years of finding a mentor he had started his own business and had created enough residual income from his business to quit his job at the factory. Since then he has continued to expand his businesses and now owns numerous corporations as well as substantial real estate holdings. He was recently inducted as a member of the International Who's Who of Entrepreneurs.

        Most of his time now is spent managing his investments, traveling, conducting seminars and training sessions, and teaching others how to start a business of their own so that they too can develop a residual income and get out of the rat race. He also does presentations to churches, schools, civic organizations, and other groups about the need for more mentors in America, and about the lessons he learned from his mentor that made a major difference in his life. He enjoys target shooting, fishing, golf, the outdoors, and traveling, which he does regularly with his wife of eightteen years, his two stepchildren, and five grandchildren. He currently resides in the city of Oak Hill, an exclusive area of Nashville, Tennessee.

        As they were building their business Tim & his wife were featured in the May/June 1998 issue of ‘Business Nashville’ Magazine in an article entitled, ‘Don’t Stop to Shop’, a reprint of which can be seen by clicking here - Business Nashville Magazine Reprint