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           This image is an excellent representation of  my daily life before finding a mentor and going into business for myself. I was working hard, staying busy, yet never accomplishing anything worthwhile, and never having the time to enjoy life.

           Then I found a mentor who taught me a simple, duplicatable pattern of building a business and creating wealth, and went from manufacturing plant hourly employee to financial independence and the lifestyle that goes with it in a relatively short period of time. Below are some pictures of what life can be like when YOU choose what you want  to do with your time.

Pictures of Hendricks from employee to financially free lifestyle

        Also on this site you will find pictures of Ralph Autry and his family. He and Betty are primarily responsible for the lifestyle we have today. We had to do the work, but without their counseling we would still just be working hard, not smart.

These pictures will give you just a glimpse of their life.

Pictures of Autry's 

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The Mentor - Additional Chapters

        After I started writing the book I started contacting publishing companies to try and get the book published. Over 400 publishing companies told me basically the same thing. "Don't even send us the manuscript. We won't even look at it unless you are a famous actor, entertainer, athlete, or politician because it will never sell." Some said, "There isn't a big market for books about good morals or free enterprise."

        I intend to prove them wrong. Any help you can give me with word of mouth advertising will be appreciated. If you believe in the principals I promote in the book, please tell others about it. I truly believe that there are still a lot of good people in the world. The major media networks are trying to convince us that no one cares about morals anymore but that isn't true. The people who control the major media outlets may have no morals, but they do not represent the majority of the people in this country. I urge you to speak up and make your voice heard.