Music City Publishing signs new author

Nashville area resident signs contract to have his first book published.

September 30, 2004 -- Music City Publishing is proud to announce that it has signed a publishing contract with Mr. Tim Hendricks of Nashville, Tennessee. This will be the local businessman's  first venture into the world of publishing. Large publishing companies seldom, if ever, give a new author the least consideration, but we believe that his book merits exposure to the book buying public.

            Hendricks has a varied background which includes over thirty different jobs and twelve different home-based business ventures which never got off the ground. The book entitled, "The Mentor" subtitled, "The true story of an hourly factory employee who became financially independent", is about the relationship he had and the lessons he learned from another local businessman who taught him how to start a business of his own, working from his home, while holding down a full time job. His mentor, Ralph Autry then mentored him until he had created a large enough income to 'retire' from his hourly job at a local manufacturing facility. He has now been 'unemployable' for over ten years and owns numerous corporations. He was recently inducted as a member into the INTERNATIONAL WHO'S WHO OF ENTREPRENEURS. He spends some of his time mentoring others on how to do what he has done, some of his time with his five grandchildren, and some of his time fishing at his cabin on a lake in east Tennessee, or around the country.

            Hendricks says, "I believe that the missing element in the quest for success for most people, is that they do not have a mentor who has accomplished what they are trying to do, who will coach them. There are hundreds of books that give very specific details about 'what to do' and 'how to do it', to be successful in every field of endeavor. What is missing in many peoples lives is a mentor with a close personal relationship with the individual who can give them one-on-one guidance, intimate personal advice, and help them to become the kind of person who can 'do' what the books teach. There are just some things that you can't learn from a book or an audio recording. You need a mentor who has already been across the same minefield that you are facing, who has a personal interest in helping you to succeed."

            The table of contents lists over 120 lessons the author learned, and there are many more lessons contained in the text that are not specifically enumerated.

            We believe that the book has great potential not only to sell, but as it states on the back cover, 'To help the reader to succeed in business or in life'.