'Quality of Life' - What does that mean to you?

MCP recently asked people to describe what "Quality of Life" meant to them. This is a response from a 24 year old.


Quality of Life - by Dennis Matovu


Quality of Life begins when you have enough money coming in so that you don't have to worry about an alarm clock everyday. It's where the third quarter begins in a Cowboys football game at 6:00 on Sunday and you don't start dreading having to go to work on Monday. It's being able to spontaneously say "I wanna go to California" without even planning the trip and two hours later, you're on the plane. Then, you arrive and decide to stay for a week and a half and not once worry about the budget.

Quality of Life is being able to see the stress caused by debt wash away from your parent's face, and observe the smile of a ten-year-old emerge on a fifty-year-old's face.

Quality of Life is having six Saturdays followed by a Sunday.

Quality of Life is being able to no longer have to put on a front for the sake of a job, for the sake of pride, or anything else. It's being able to see through the leased cars and the interest-only loans and know that there's a 95% chance that those people are working their butt off to pay for a lifestyle they bought three years ago. It's being able to know that even though they bark loud on the outside, on the inside they just wanna be a kid again, and that our team can provide that opportunity for them.

Quality of Life is knowing that your business will thrive regardless of how the economy is doing. 

Quality of Life is being able to gain respect from the heroes you admire: people who are willing to discipline themselves, to chase their dream everyday, to ignore the cowards and critics who couldn't do it themselves, and to inspire others to become the person they want to become.

Quality of Life is being able to feel at peace when you're dealing with a total stranger, as if you've known them all your life. Being able to get into the inner circles of politics, entertainment, sports, and business because of the fact that those people know you, like you, and respect you because they know what it's like to be the best in their field and like-minded people enjoy networking with each other.

Quality of Life is having a home that's yours, being able to have some luxury cars, an excellent wardrobe, some wonderful jewelry, etc. But the kicker is having that, yet not having the stress of money problems because you have those nice things.

Quality of life is doing all of the above with family, the friends you have and the friends you're gonna meet.