Dear Friends,

Not long ago, I was asked to speak at a public school in our area. I showed slides and discussed customs of Near Eastern countries. As I spoke I referred to important Bible sites and great Bible characters. Every so often I would say something like, "Now here is the valley where David fought Goliath," or "This is the Land of Goshen where Joseph’s father and brothers came to live."

I assumed that I was sharing common ground with my audience. But it soon became apparent that not one of the kids recognized any of the names or places I was mentioning. Finally, one of the young boys in the class raised his hand and said, "We don’t know nothin’ about the Bible." All the other students nodded their heads in agreement.

Those words have been ringing in my ears ever since. A whole generation of young Americans is growing up ignorant of the Bible, the world’s greatest book -- God’s Book. Our children are not reading the Bible, nor having it read to them. The atmosphere in our public schools is hostile toward it. Public communications media scoff at its morality and ridicule its miracles. Its very Ten Commandments are no longer welcome in the halls of our public institutions.

To counter this trend we are bringing the Bible and the world of the Bible to America's town square.  Through our museum exhibits, our educational tours and programs, the Bible Lab, our Bible Reference library, and our Teachers Resource facilities - young people and adults are being provided factual information about the Bible's contents, its origin, and its inspiration.

Since the opening of our new location on Collierville, Tennessee's, historic town square, we are now offering all of our earlier programs-and more.  God's grace and your financial support will keep this effort moving forward. Your gift is tax deductible and donations of $1,000 or more may be spread out over the next three years.  What a wonderful way to remember a loved one or honor a friend or family member.

We are ready to accept the opportunity placed before us.  All we need now is your financial commitment to move forward.  We ask for your prayerful consideration as we continue meeting this exciting challenge.  May God bless you and yours as we strive together to honor His word, the Bible.


Sincerely yours,

Donald E. Bassett
Chairman/ CEO

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